STARBOUND MAGAZINE – An Online Magazine That Focuses on Young Talent Worldwide, from Dancers, to Actors, to Musicians and Youtubers. We showcase all talent for all to see.

The Starbound Ambition: To give a voice to a generation of a variety of talent big and small. To gain recognition for hard work and to reward success.

Dani Geddes (Editor) – Over the past 10 Years I have been working online promoting Young Talent through use of Fansites and Social Networking, it was a hobby I always enjoyed and developed each year, teaching myself how to create a website using HTML/PHP and CSS, taking the time to learn how to use Photoshop and create design that I do today. Most importantly I was helping to get the word out there about these particular young people who had made a successful journey in thr entertainment industry, giving recognition, support and helping them gain a fan base to follow and see the hard work they were accomplishing.
In 2013 I wanted to make a publication that not only spotlighted this talent but gave a useful, trustworthy resource for guidance of the entertainment industry, many parents are victims of scamming and given incorrect info for castings and agencies, I am determined to help guide them in the right direction, by giving young people a chance to tell the world their story and at the same time be a resource of useful and correct information gives everyone an even chance and highlights success with recognition.

I am so happy to help others aspire to their dreams. Thank you for reading Starbound.