Jul 13, 2014

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Asia Monet Ray in Starbound Magazine

Asia Monet Ray in Starbound Magazine

Happy to showcase international all round talent ASIA MONET RAY in the Spring/Summer edition of Starbound Magazine

Asia Monet- So far, I have been pursuing my dream of being a “Triple Threat” like my Idol Beyonce’! I have been putting in the work necessary to accomplish my goals without complaint and with plenty of sacrifice. I know what I’m missing in terms of general “play time” with friends in exchange for Dance Choreography, Acting Classes and Singing Lessons. I do it all because I’m passionate about becoming a a Professional Artist one day and it gets me excited to be living my dream at such a young age, I the desire and ambition to succeed at a time where I could be doing other things, I’m just having too much fun right now to stop.
Tell us about the progress and development of your past year in the entertainment industry?
Asia Monet- I have been taking Acting Classes which I have added to my Dancing. At the moment I am not feeling any “Burn Out” or lack of interest in learning the craft to become an “Artist!” In the past year my mom has been driving my an hour sometimes an hour and half to my practices while I have become “Home Schooled” and I am now working at the Fourth Grade Level while I’m still in 3rd Grade! Since last year I have been working with an Acting Coach, Singing Coach, a Manager while I have also been working with some of the best Dance Choreographers in the business. Most importantly so far this year, I have been working with my family on my New Reality Show due out late this summer on the Lifetime TV Network called, “Raising Asia” about my life growing up in a celebrity family, (My dads a Hall of Fame Professional Bodybuilder who’s now retired) being an older sister to Bella Blu who’s a Gymnast and going through the process of Auditions, TV Appearances, Studio Singing Sessions, Concert engagements and Red Carpet Appearances. I never imagined a year ago that I would be working on an Album, Performing as a Musical Artist with my name in lights on the Las Vegas Strip at Planet Hollywood and securing Endorsement Deals so fast. If anyone works harder than me I take my hat off to them because while its really hard work I am having a lot of fun.

We see you have been involved with more media projects including opportunities in film and television do you see yourself as an aspiring actress and what challenges have you faced from being a dancer and transforming into the role of an actor?
Asia Monet – I see myself as a “Triple Threat- Actor, Dancer and Singer! I know its possible because I have seen some pretty amazing people already doing that and I have a love for all 3 of these things. My mom has told me from the very beginning that I can be anything I want to be and I am doing everything I can to accomplish that with her help and support. I don’t see myself favoring one over the other because they are all so different yet the same so why choose one over the other when I can do it all! I have been growing up in front of the cameras, people and fans, and I’m learning that while I may not always get the job as an Actor or Dancer there are always other opportunities and “No” is only a two letter word. I just keep moving on to the next opportunity until I get what I am working for. At the moment, Singing is my best outlet because I can express myself through my music without having to feel like I am competing for a job or a chance at a part in a Commercial, Movie or Dance against other people.

How would you say Dance has helped shape you journey into these new opportunities?
Asia Monet- Dance has prepared my mentally and physically to “Perform” in front of people. Dance has given me discipline and shown me the art of Expression. This helps me in Auditions and in my Singing when it comes to actually Performing the Song with Music in front of people. My dancing has helped open doors for others to take a chance on me to become a real Performer.

Tell us about some of the accomplishments you have achieved since we last spoke to you?
Asia Monet- Well, I have appeared on TV Specials like “Kids Choice Awards, Dance Moms, Signed with a big Theatrical Company called, Paradigm, Appeared in a Beyonce Toyota TV Commercial and traveled to South Korea and Australia to Dance! So much is happening in my life right now I can hardly keep up but I am loving what I am doing so far and the people I work with are amazing and so are the Fans!!
What advice could you give to anyone aspiting to take a journey like yourself what would you want to say to young people who look up to you as inspiration?
Asia Monet- I would tell anyone who wants to do what I am doing the same thing my mom told me, “Follow you’re Dreams and Stay Fierce!” There will be many Hater’s out there that may not be happy for you when you start getting successful but Love them Anyway because these are the people that will one day appreciate you’re hard work. I work with an Anti- Bullying campaign and fight for other kids who have a rough time and need support, it make me feel a part of something bigger than myself and its a way for me to give back at the same time. Having a strong supportive and loving family makes it easier to pursue my dreams but not everyone other there has that and I work hard to let these other kids know I support them.

what can we see you in next?
Asia Monet- Well, there are a lot of things happening in my life at the moment because I am involved with so many different projects but the one I love the most at the moment is my Music! I am working with a new record label called “Pink Records” and my producer is helping me express myself in a way I never thought I could to bring out who I really am as an Artist. I’m super excited to see where this journey takes me yet its a lot of hours in the studio and I can hardly wait to share it with the rest of the world!

What is your starbound ambition?
Asia Monet- My Starbound Ambition is to “Stay Fierce” and continue to work hard so I can have the kind of life my mom and dad have which includes traveling the world, meeting my fans and sharing my hard work with others. Its very important to me succeed because God has given me this opportunity to share my Dream with other people, I will not let them down and I love making my family Proud!