Aug 17, 2015

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Queen Kamilla Kopylova

Queen Kamilla Kopylova

At only five years old and being a newbie to the modeling world little Kamilla Kopylova has walked multiple runways and participated in numerous advertisements and photo shoots, all within her home town of St. Petersburg in  Russia. She has stunning chestnut brown hair and the most captivating brown eyes  (reminding me of a younger version of American supermodel Lily Aldridge). She has worked with some of St.  Petersburg’s best photographers: Alexandra Loginova, Vladislava Eliseeva, Nadya Solokogorskaya and many others. In addition she has had time to shoot for brands such  as ‘Happylon‘ and ‘Airflot‘. Kamilla has had the best training, this being at two  separate agencies ‘LITTLE STEPS’ and ‘MACARONIS ♥ KIDS Models & Talents’ (both  based in her home town). Besides modeling Kamilla is currently learning how to speak  English and takes part in gymnastics classes. Currently she has embarked on a month  and a half long trip to Moscow to visit her grandmother where she will be off her  modeling duties. Make sure to follow Kamilla and all her modeling adventures on her Instagram and VK pages where she already has a combined following of just over 1.2 thousand fans.

Okay, so now you know a little bit about Kamilla here you can learn even more, we asked her some questions about her modeling career and here are her answers, we give special thanks to Kamilla’s mother, Viktoria for allowing us to conduct this interview and being translator for us. I hope you enjoy…

Kamilla KopylovaAmy: What would you like to be when you grow up? Kamilla: I am not able to answer this question exactly because if I say I want to be and then become something different, my answer would not be true.

Amy: Is there anybody that inspires you? Like a family member or a celebrity or even a friend?               Kamilla: I am inspired by Misha (Michael) because he is a beautiful person. (Misha is part of Kamilla’s kindergarten.) 

Amy: Is there one particular photo shoot that you have done that is your favourite so far? If so what was it for and who is the photographer?                                                                                                                   Kamilla: I don’t always like to do photo shoots. But my favourite was for Lisa. (The designer Elizabeth Oto, the photo’s used in this article.)

Kamilla Kopylova

Amy: Do you have any other hobbies or sports you play other than doing modeling?         Kamilla: I like to do gymnastics. (Kamilla takes part in artistic gymnastics however it is now the summer holidays so there isn’t any classes.)

Hopefully now you have gotten to know Kamilla a bit more maybe you would like to learn more about her wonderful Mother Kamilla. I thought it would be nice to get an idea of a parents point of view. So I decided to ask her just a few questions about why she put Kamilla into modeling and why she thinks it’s good for kids.

Amy: Why did you decide to put Kamilla into modeling? Viktoria: Kamilla was a very shy girl, a bit inhospitable. But now for 2 years she has become liberated and opened up.                                                                               

Kamilla KopylovaAmy: Would you like Kamilla to continue her career as she grows older? Viktoria: I would like Kamilla to chose her own career. 

Amy: Do you think that modeling is good for younger children? Does it help boost confidence?                                                         Viktoria: Kamilla is photographed no more than once or twice a month. Photo shoots are a very small part of her life. She attends school for children of a preschool age, learning English, art speech. She loves to take part in her gymnastics and horseback riding. She loves to go to the theater, museums, zoos, swimming and much much more.                          



Well then, that’s the end of our interview. Hopefully you have learn a little something about Kamilla and maybe a bit about the child modeling world too. Once again I would like to say a huge thank you to Viktoria and Kamilla for being so kind as to answering the questions. I also would like to thank Liza (Elizabeth) Oto for allowing me to use her beautiful photos of Kamilla in this lovely article. Finally I would like to put it out there that we had to translate all of the answers from Russian to English so some words or grammar my not be one hundred percent accurate.