Apr 7, 2015

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Searching for the Crown at the end of the Rainbow…

Searching for the Crown at the end of the Rainbow…

Meet Sienna Hine, the adorable pint sized model and pageant queen from Dorset. She is  currently  preparing to take part in The Face of the Globe 2015 annual pageant. Face of  the Globe  is an international beauty pageant hosted over one week between the UK and  Disneyland Paris. The have to do various acts of kindness for charity, the charity the  pageant supports is The Rainbow Child Foundation. All of the girls competing in this  pageant have to go through numerous heats to reach the final of which Sienna will be  lucky enough to take part in later this year.

 I had the pleasure of being able to interview Sienna (and her Mum, Heidi) and ask her  some questions about her pageantry. She tells us her favourite things about pageants  and even gives us an insight to how long so would like to be in the business. Her Mum  was also kind enough to send us some photos of Sienna in action, as you can see to the  left and you will see below. I would like to thank Sienna and Heidi for being so kind to do this interview and we wish Sienna loads of luck in The Face of the Globe, we hope you have a brilliant time.

A: When was Sienna’s first pageant?

Heidi: The first ever pageant Sienna competed in was “Miss Valentine” and she managed to take the queen title in her category.

starbound sienna 1st pageant

A: How many pageants have you been in?

Heidi: Sienna started competing in pageants in 2013 and I can’t quite remember how many however defiantly more than 10.

A: What is your favourite part of pageants?

Sienna: My favourite part of pageants is wearing the beautiful beauty dress, I likes all the sparkle and looking like a princess. Also I like crowning, because I likes winning the big ones [crowns/trophies]!

A: What is the best prize you have ever received from being in a pageant?

Sienna: It is winning big crowns and taking home the goodie bags, but by far I have loved her huge photo canvas she won for Glitz Photogenic Supreme at Dani’s pageant [Starbelle].


A: Are you excited to be in Face of The Globe 2015?

Sienna: YES! I can’t wait, I love face of the Globe! Hopefully I will win.

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A: Do you have any close friends that you like to do pageants with?

Sienna: Darla, she is my friend even though we compete in the same category. Beau, Connie, Charlie and many others too. We are all friends.

A: How long would you like to continue doing pageants for?

Sienna: 10 years or maybe until I’m 40!

Thank you again to Sienna and Heidi for being part of this interview and allowing us to use the photographs.